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Reasons Why Planting Trees in the Fall is Recommended

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Most people think that spring is the default season that’s great for gardening or planting. Severe cold seasons and the vegetation shortage makes us thrilled to landscape our yards and refresh our gardens. While spring could be a good time to plant and garden, which depends on where you are living, fall might be the perfect time to plant your trees: Here are some of the things you can get and you should do: 



During fall, planting trees can provide trees an additional growing season prior to the summer stress. The mixture of fall rain and cooler temperatures enables trees to nurture their roots, which makes it simpler on them to be flexible during extreme drought or heat in the summer season.  

A lot of people are afraid that the young trees cannot endure the cold season. Although, that is not entirely true. During the winter season, the trees become dormant as if they are in hibernation mode. This state slows down your tree’s metabolism, consumption, energy, and development. Planting trees is safe up until the ground becomes solid and frozen. Even if the grounds have snow, once you can stick a spade into the soil that means that it is still acceptable to plant. Once you have dormant trees, they should not need any additional care.  

Plant the right tree at the right location 

Even if fall is the best time for planting, it could still have a lesser impact on your tree if you will not properly plant it. Proper planting includes the rule that you must plant the right tree at the right location. Before you begin to plant, make sure that you have already assessed your space and determine if it will be a perfect space for your tree as it develops. Refrain from planting your trees within close proximity to your property. Also, you need to be mindful of how much moisture, shade, and sun your tree will receive at the planting location. 

After planting 

Regardless of what time of the month is it, your tree will be needing similar care. You should continue adding mulch around your tree’s base for at least 2 up to 3 inches of ring mulch. However, you must not pile it on your tree trunk. After you plant a tree, make sure to water them right away even if it is freezing outside. However, it will be up to you to determine how much and how often will you water it. 

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